The History of Chateau de Beauregard

The History of Château de Beauregard

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Château de Beauregard was bought by Sébastien de Laurens in 1619, he was the treasurer of the principality of Orange. His son, Philippe Guillaume de Laurens, was born in 1616 and succeeded his father and was made Baron du S Empire by the emperor Ferdinand 111.

You will see below the coat of arms of Philip-Guillaume de Laurens. You will note that the coat of arms in the centre (the bear and the three helmets) corresponds to the arms of Sébastian de Laurens.

Since 1400, the site had been occupied by a humble inn, used to shelter and feed tradesmen travelling on the river Ouvèze. Now, in its place stands a château which, throughout its days, has magnificently entertained visiting nobility, lords and local aristocrats – if only the walls could talk! 

Joseph Joachim, Marquis of Biliotti, bought Beauregard in 1763 and it was the Biliotti family that gave the building its present appearance: a central body with wings either side and inner corners furnished with turrets and crowned with operetta battlements, all inspired by the Renaissance.

The Biliotti family emblem of the two lions, can today be seen high on top of the wrought iron entrance gates, happily following all the festivities. Leading up to the main gate is a splendid alley of plane trees planted during the  regime of Napoléon 1st. French plane trees are a symbol of socialising and spending time with loved ones. They are often referred to as the King of all trees.

This postcard from the archives shows the procession in the Cour d’honneur, today a much loved area for receptions.

Once you drive through the main gate, you enter the Cour d’honneur where Marquis de Biliotti hosted the annual celebration of St-Marc, the patron of winemakers. A procession from the village carried the golden statue of St-Marc to the Cour d’Honneur Chapel, and then to a stone shrine which is still in the grounds of Beauregard. The members were welcomed with homemade breads, cakes and other nourishments, and there was plenty of entertainment for everyone.

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